About the kangaroo and the german shepard or what I have learned from my German – Australian relationship

Living with my Aussie husband brought up some interesting cultural issues. In the beginning, I simply overlooked these and thought he was just being slightly odd, however, over time I have come to realise that usually we just learned the same things in a different way or simply place different values on the same topic.

We were able to laugh over some of these things, whilst others still generate some controversy in our household. But I can assure you it is never boring and makes our daily life more colourful.

This eBook reveal some of the biggest cultural issues that have come to light over our years together. I may have taken the liberty of exaggerating a few German and Aussie stereotypes, and I am not suggesting one way is right and the other wrong, however we believe that when you are able to laugh about yourself and not take everything to heart, life is easier and problems are smaller.


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